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Collision Center at Mercedes-Benz of Stevens Creek
Mercedes-Benz of Stevens Creek Collision Center
When you need auto body work on Mercedes-Benz vehicles, visit the Certified Collision Center at Mercedes-Benz of Stevens Creek. We offer a full range of premium auto repair services and auto bodywork, in the Santa Clara, San Jose, and Mountain View areas of California. 

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We are committed to giving excellent customer service and providing the quality repairs your luxury Mercedes-Benz deserves. The certified technicians in our body shop are experts in repairing Mercedes-Benz sedans, coupes, SUVs, and convertibles, as well as other popular models.

Our goal is to return your Mercedes-Benz to factory specifications using genuine original equipment manufacturer (OEM) Mercedes-Benz parts. 

Mercedes-Benz of Stevens Creek - Collision Center Services
Our auto body repair shop provides expert collision repair and other services to get your vehicle back on the road in great condition!

After collision or accident repairs: After an automobile accident or other incidents, our body shop uses OEM parts to repair and restore your vehicle to Mercedes-Benz premium quality.  Our goal is for you to not even notice the difference! 

  • Complete auto paint services: Our collision center has a modern paint facility and provides beautiful exterior paint jobs after body repair.
  • Windshield replacement: If you need a new windshield or any auto glass, our technicians can install a replacement. In some cases, we can perform a quality auto glass repair that leaves your view as good as new.
  • Wheel alignment services: It is common after an accident to require a wheel alignment. This helps ensure safe operation, proper steering, and also to protect tire wear and tear. Wheel alignment is a standard maintenance item that improves tire life and fuel mileage. Our team can schedule wheel alignment service through our Service Center following an incident or include it during collision repair.
  • Repairing paintless dents: Our expert technicians can repair small dents caused by hail storms or other incidents. Using suction techniques and other modern solutions, we won't need to retouch the exterior paint color, allowing you to drive away as though nothing ever happened. 
  • Repairing dings and paint scratches: We all end up with large or small dents, scratches, and dings, on our vehicles at some point. They are annoying, we know. That's why our expert technicians in our repair shop can return your car to its original state using color matching technology to ensure a beautiful exterior paint job.

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Collision Repairs

As the old saying goes, accidents happen. They’re never convenient, and they’re never any fun. But the unfortunate fact is they happen all the time — and everyone has a story. There’s the time your aunt got t-boned on the way to a job interview, the time your best friend got rear-ended on her last day of high school, or the time your brother backed into a pole. Sure, these aren’t the moments anyone dreams about when they first get their driver’s license, but it’s important to remember they’re not the end of the world either.

While accidents are the definition of a hassle, getting collision damage repaired doesn’t have to be. It’s always important to get any damage checked out promptly, because even minor fender benders could hide structural damage, or make your vehicle more vulnerable to corrosion. So if you find yourself needing a repair, trust the factory-trained professionals at AutoNation Collision Centers. They’ll get the job done right the first time, so you can get back on the road with confidence.

Paintless Dent Repair

We know how it is. You’ve taken great care of your car. You’ve scoped out parking lots to find the safest space. You’re a regular at your local car wash. You’d never think of skipping an oil change, have receipts for every scheduled service, and made sure it’s running like a Swiss watch — then your car gets a dent. It doesn’t matter how it happened, at this point, you’re just concerned about solutions. That’s where the professionals at AutoNation Collision Centers come in, as our paintless dent repair will make your car good as new in no time.

Most small, and even many large dents, can be repaired using modern paintless dent repair, and the technicians at AutoNation Collision Centers are experts in the process. A quick evaluation is all that’s needed to determine whether it’ll work for your repair, and after that, the process can take just minutes, and opposed to the hours of labor that can encompass the traditional sand and paint approach.

Scratch, Dent & Ding Repair

Even when we do our best to take great care of our cars, scratches, dents, and dings happen. From rocky road surfaces, to careless drivers parallel parking, to stray shopping carts, the causes are many. And as much as many of us would like to, it’s just not practical to cover up our cars every time we’re going to run into the store. But just as there are many causes to these automotive abrasions, there are also many solutions, and the factory-trained technicians at your local AutoNation Collision center are experts in them all.

To the untrained eye, many scratches, dents, and dings look time-consuming and labor intensive to fix. That’s why too many people choose to live with over getting them taken care of. But modern techniques have made it easier to render them invisible than ever before. So if you’re tired of noticing a blemish on your vehicle, make an appointment at your local AutoNation Collision center.

Complete Auto Paint Services

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to paint your car, from repairing peeling clear coat, to blending out a blemish, to adding a custom touch, to restoring luster to a long-loved classic. But while there are plenty of options under the sun, it’s important to recognize they aren’t all created equal. Modern automotive finishes are as much science as they are art, and every step, from the prep, to the primer, to the paint, plays a huge part in getting a flawless finish.

When it comes to painting vehicles, there aren’t any shortcuts, and the experts at your local AutoNation Collision Center know it. Our modern paint facilities are state-of-the-art, and our specially trained technicians are experts in every step of the process. Since it’s easier to do something right the first time than fix a mistake, doesn’t it make sense to go straight to the experts?

Windshield Replacement

Has this ever happened to you? You’re driving along on a bright, clear, sunny day thinking about the weekend when suddenly you’re jolted by what sounds like a gunshot? Only it’s not a gunshot, it’s your windshield. Flying debris from the truck in front of you has made a bullseye of your windshield, and now you have a crack spidering its way across the glass pane. Despite the small piece of debris, you suddenly have an urgent need for windshield replacement.

Even if you have small divots, pits, dings and cracks, windshield damage has a tendency to spread over time. Side glass, back glass, chipped glass—you’re going to see it grow, so it’s always a good idea to take care of it early. You’ll want to do it right and do it right the first time. That’s where AutoNation Collision Centers can come to your rescue.

Auto Glass Repair

Has your car been the victim of flying debris, rocks or gravel recently? Or, have you had cracks in your windshield seemingly just appear out of nowhere? This type of flaw in your glass may be the result of extreme temperatures or pressure buildup over time. So maybe you have been putting off contacting the auto glass repair specialists? Well, guess what, you’re not alone.

Most of us would agree there are about 12,000 things we’d rather be doing than bringing our cars into the shop for repair. Not only that, who wants to cover the windshield replacement cost too? The good news is twofold:

Do I need to replace or can I repair my windshield?

If you have some damage to your windshield, you may be unsure if you need a simple repair or a full glass replacement. Not long ago, even a small crack meant certain replacement, but today’s technology makes it so that’s not always the case. A good rule of thumb is if your imperfection fits underneath a dollar bill, most likely you can get away with auto glass repair. This is where AutoNation Collision Centers can help you.

  • Most comprehensive car insurance plans include glass repair and replacement
  • You’ll get expert auto repair with AutoNation Collision Centers

Wheel Alignment

When you think about the maintenance you do on your car, how often do you gravitate toward the tires and wheels? Not enough. Many of us often overlook this one critical item on our car care checklist: wheel alignment.

Many of your car's vital systems can be thrown off and damaged without properly balanced wheels and tires. Ignoring your car's alignment is unsafe and can lead to a host of problems, including:

How much does Wheel Alignment cost?

Getting a proper alignment should be preventative care. Like most automotive maintenance, it's only expensive once it becomes a larger problem.

Remember that preventative auto maintenance can typically save you money in the long run. Without it, you could be shelling out more on tires and gas. The even better news is this is where AutoNation Collison Centers can come in and save the day.

  • Underperforming and deteriorating suspension system
  • Uneven tire wear that leads to more frequent tire replacement
  • Hindered fuel economy
  • Added stress on steering components leading to expensive replacements
  • A car that pulls to the left or right
  • If any of the above describes your current car situation, don't be dismayed. The good news is getting your alignment checked is fairly common, painless, and a fast procedure.

Two cars on the side of the road
Our Collision Repair Pledge
Our Mercedes-Benz collision repair pledge is to provide you with the highest quality service. Our certified technicians, repair specialists, and TechXperts promise to: 
  • Identify your needs and notify you as soon as possible about repairs
  • Conduct a walk-around inspection and review the damage with you
  • Explain the estimate and claim process while working with your insurance company to arrange a rental car or other necessary services
  • Provide you with continual updates throughout the repair process
  • Do our best to fix your vehicle and restore it to factory quality
  • Personally review your vehicle with you when repairs are complete with a quality control inspection for peace of mind
  • Provide a lifetime repair guarantee on our repair work
  • Choose Mercedes-Benz of Stevens Creek Collision Center
Our San Jose collision repair center at Mercedes-Benz of Stevens Creek offers flexible repair options through our Extended Repair Network. Contact us to make an appointment or if you are in need of an emergency repair after an accident. Our phone number is (408) 512-2836. 

We are happy to help arrange towing, alternate transportation options, or a rental vehicle while your car is being repaired. We work with all insurance companies to expedite insurance claim processing.
Checklist: What to Do if You Get into an Accident
If you have an automobile accident, Mercedes-Benz of Stevens Creek wants to make sure you know what to do. Do your best to stay calm, obey state laws, and follow this checklist:
  • Make sure you are in a safe area, especially if you are traveling alone. 
  • Remain at the scene of the accident, but move to a safe side of the road away from  passing cars.
  • Call the police to report the accident. 
  • Exchange insurance information with the driver of other vehicles involved in the incident and note the vehicle license plate number and physical characteristics. 
  • Contact your insurance company, whether the accident is your fault or not. The insurance company may have additional instructions.
  • Take pictures of damage using your smartphone. Your insurance company may have a mobile app that simplifies this process.
  • Ask for your vehicle to be repaired at the Mercedes-Benz of Stevens Creek Collision Center to ensure quality repairs. If the vehicle can be driven safely, schedule an appointment immediately. 
  • You can also get your vehicle towed to our AutoNation Collision Center Stevens Creek. Our collision center will work with your insurance provider and/or the other driver's to ensure all details are handled.

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